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Meet the Authors

Brenda J. Anderson is the author of Abish: Faith Among the Lamanites. She and her husband, Matt, are the proud parents of seven children. Brenda fell in love with writing in fifth grade when the teacher assigned weekly “squiggle stories” to spark her students’ imaginations.

Amie Borst believes in unicorns, uses glitter whenever possible, accessorizes in pink, and eats too much chocolate. Her first book, Cinderskella, is co-authored by her 12 year old daughter and will be published by Jolly Fish Press, fall 2013.

Weston Elliott is an Oregonian by birth, Californian by marriage, and Utahn by sheer dumb luck.  A native of the Pacific Northwest, she has an inherent love of the ocean. It's just a little harder to get there from Utah, where she is happily married, raising one son and two cats in the high desert.

Kasey Eyre has always loved reading and writing stories. She graduated from SUU with a degree in English and was a teacher until she retired after having her first baby. She lives in Las Vegas, is married to her best friend, and is the mother of three very imaginative boys. In addition to her short story, Kasey was the creative mind behind the title of this collection.

Gussie Fick is a teacher, homemaker, and aspiring novelist. You often see Gussie with a camera taking pictures of clouds, rainbows, and horses. She e-mails her sisters in Spain and California every day and loves to laugh at Frasier.
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Angie Lofthouse has published a dozen sci-fi and fantasy stories in such publications as AlienSkin, The Sword Review, Dragons, Knights and Angels, Unparalleled Journeys and others. Her debut sci-fi adventure novel, Defenders of the Covenant, was released in 2012. Angie lives in a little canyon in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains with her family of writers, artists, singers, composers, illustrators and musicians.

Teresa Osgood was once invited to sing Christmas carols at the Smithsonian, but most of her vocal performances have been on neighbors’ doorsteps. She continues the tradition, with her husband and four sons, in the rainy streets of the Pacific Northwest.

Brian C. Ricks is busy writing for academic publications and doing research projects. He is a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Brigham Young University. He also enjoys writing fiction, something people might actually read.

Jennifer Ricks is a wife, mother, writer, designer, and musician. In addition to her artistic pursuits, she enjoys engaging in all types of physical exercise, experimenting in the kitchen, and challenging her husband to board game tournaments.

Lee Ann Setzer is fond of books, kids, plants, and other labor-intensive growing things. She is the author of Gathered: A Novel of Ruth and the “Sariah McDuff” chapter books. She wants to be Audrey Hepburn when she grows up. Or possibly Professor McGonagall. 

Jennifer Shelton graduated from LDS Business College and Eagle Gate College. She was a legal secretary for many years and currently spends her time writing, reading, scrapbooking, and helping her son prepare for his mission. She has lived in California, Maryland, Illinois, Massachusetts, Germany, Georgia, and Utah.  She and her husband, Larry, live in Layton, Utah with their son, Tyler.
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Rob Smales graduated from Salem State College in 1992 with a degree in English, but it took him until 2010 to actually start writing. Since then, he's had over a dozen stories accepted for publication, mostly in the horror genre. Fishing Buddy is his first heart-warming tale. Rob blogs weekly stories of his life as a writer, a mailman in a small New England town, and as the father of a very funny little boy.

Janice Sperry was born in Murray, Utah. She attended Westminster College in Salt Lake City where she earned her Bachelors degree. She is married to Jason Sperry and began her adventures in parenting in 1999. She uses her children, Spencer, Alena, and Calton, as an inspiration for writing.

LisaAnn Turner lives in beautiful Star Valley, Wyoming with her husband and their five children. She is currently working toward earning a bachelor’s degree in education and loves to hike, camp, fish, and play in the mountains with her family.

Michael D. Young is the author of The Canticle Kingdom and The Last Archangel. He has also had work featured in online and print magazines such as Mindflights, The New Era, Allegory, and Ensign. Though he grew up traveling the world with his military father, he now lives in Utah with his wife and two sons.

Meet the Support Staff

LDS Publisher is an anonymous blogger (no, she won't tell you who she is) who writes about publishing in the LDS market. She gives writing and publishing tips, features LDS authors and publishers as guest bloggers, and spotlights new fiction releases by LDS authors. LDSP hosts an annual Christmas short story contest from which the stories in Checkin' It Twice were selected. The 2012 contest will start in November.

Karlene Browning is publisher and all-around cheerleader for Checkin' It Twice. She has always loved words and stories. In college, she majored in exaggeration and hyperbole. This penchant for creative embellishment sometimes gets her into trouble. When Karlene is not at her computer writing, editing, typesetting or coding ebooks, she enjoys spending time with  her husband, children, and grandchildren.